The Boškinac Winery was built in 2000, and that same year, a new vineyard was planted near the winery on 5 ha of land. It is located on island Pag, one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic sea. The winery's mission is to contribute to the preservation of the white grape variety Gegić, an indigenous on island Pag and to present the family winemaking tradition through the extraordinary quality of wines.

The Boškinac red wine has always been among Croatia’s best wines, and the whites are specific as a combination of indigenous and international varieties. Good wine, according to those who admire this divine nectar, begins in the vineyard, and the awards received to date are the result of the hard work and love for this unique profession. According to the assessments of some of the most reputed Croatian and international wine critics and sommeliers, the Boškinac red is consistently among Croatia's best wines.
Except for the wines Boškinac is recognizable by the name of the hotel and the restaurant that makes the winery a unique complex and the first such in Croatia.

Boškinac wines have long been synonymous in Croatia for the highest quality.

Island Pag – unique terroir

Pag is one of the longest islands on the Adriatic Sea and it is located on the border between two regions – Kvarner and Dalmatia. Island of Pag is surrounded by Croatian largest mountain – Velebit and sea, and is especially recognized by harsh and wild wind called bura. Its surface is mostly covered by stone and Mediterranean aromatic shrubs. Salt production on the island remained from ancient times. Even today, saltworks and sheep farming are dominant economic activities. Milk from the indigenous sheep breed owns its specificity to the unique environment and it is the reason why Pag cheese is considered to be the best in the country, and already internationally recognized. Small village called Lun on the edge of the island is famous for one of the oldest olive tree gardens in Mediterranean and few olives are more than two thousand years old. Boškinac vineyards are situated near to Novalja, in one of the rare green oasis on the island. The soil is sandy and location is highly exposed to the sun. Southwestern exposure of the vineyards is facing the sea and the vineyards are surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs and garrigue. The strong wind is natural protection against vines diseases and pests, so the production is organic and this is one of the best positions in Croatia for Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. The island of Pag has truly unique micro-location and microclimatic position. The entire environment highly affects Boškinac wines which are very complex and strongly terroir-driven.

We are proud of our Pag- an island of stone and salt…and wines!


On the island of Pag was there is very famous and appreciated wine called Paška žutica – a blend of different grape varieties dominated by indigenous Gegić. Harsh climate together with depopulation of the island reduced the area of the vineyards to this day. In history vineyards were planted with many grape varieties so the blends were almost the rule in wine production. With great respect for tradition even today owners of the Boškinac winery Boris and Mirela Šuljić with their assemblages of indigenous and international grape varieties pay tribute to heritage.

Boškinac – rare and specific wines

The climate on the island and the specific terroir condition the low yields and sometimes the lack of harvest from the vineyards of Pag. A special occurrence that rarely happens - salt and rain combined with strong wind bura, locally called šuštrap, can completely devastate the crop. When the intention for absolute quality is added to this, it happens that in some years there is a skipping of the harvest - so it was not in 2008, 2014, and there will not be 2019 vintages in the market.

The Cuvee Boškinac is trademark wine and we are proud that Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties are perfectly adapted to the island and provide complex and unique wines. The assemblage of these two varieties has been aged for two years in barrique barrels. Seguin Moreau Icon Elegance 225 l and Garbellotto NIR 225l are most used barrels, and after separate aging, the wine is blended and matured for a minimum of one year in the bottle before being placed on the market. Cuvee Boškinac always comes in proportion 55% Merlot and 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and is extremely mineral, with lively acid, very concentrated with ripe fruits at the same time. The tannins are pleasant, the body is full, and the finish and aftertaste are a bit spicy – spicy and salty notes. The aromas are also characterized by terroir - Mediterranean herbs, dried leaves, plum jam, berries… This wine can be drunk immediately, but since it has great potential for aging it is recommended to keep it as it is best after 7 to 12 years from harvest.

Boris Šuljić Boškinac: Ever since our ancestors from the Šuljić-Boškinac family came to the island of Pag, a dozen or maybe generations ago, our relationship with the vineyards and the wine has been there ever since. We spent our childhood in the harvests and taverns of our parents, where we felt the first scents of wine, touched the first barrels and tasted the first grapes of Gegić. You can't forget those delicious lunches with your father in the vineyard, that smell, that gratitude and that peace in the shade of the largest vine. I guess that some sleepy reflex was activated when we started planting new vineyards and building a cellar in 2000. Today we know that we chose well. Boškinac Winery has won numerous awards at home and abroad for its wines. We grow grapes completely naturally in our own vineyards, which we organically fertilize and never irrigate. Our constant desire to explore the wine potential of our island is often at odds with the harsh and predatory nature, we do not always win, but we look forward to every drop we gratefully pour into your glass. Cheers!